Pluralisme: Verskillende paaie na dieselfde God?

July 21, 2017

Lei verskillende paaie na dieselfde God? Dien Moslem, Christen, Jood en Hindoe nie maar eintlik dieselfde God nie?  Dit laat 'n mens nogal wonder, glo ek nie maar net oor dit wat my ouers my geleer het nie? 


God en Wetenskap

July 21, 2017

“The Shack” - The Problem of Evil

June 7, 2017

"The Shack" - and the Problem of Evil." By Dr. Roedolf Botha

Human suffering still carries some of the deepest and most frequently asked questions today: Is there a benevolent God? Does he really care about us? How can a loving God allow so much human affliction? A few years ago a very controversial book, The Shack, tried to address some of these questions. The book had also recently been translated into a movie. Tonight we are going to explore some of the ideas in it in trying to answer some of life's most fundamental questions.


Deconstructing Marxism

May 11, 2017

(We apologize for the poor quality of this recording is poor. There is an echo which appears and disappears every now and then.)

“Libraries were full of ideas—perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”
The great battles in history were not necessarily fought on Normandy, Waterloo or Stalingrad, but rather in lecture halls, churches and books. Fighting other bodies is easy, fighting other ideas - that is the tricky part. C.S. Lewis famously said that good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy exists.
One of the most influential ideas to capture the human imagination has been that of Marxism. Few ideas has had the same impact. Our forefather in this country use to engage with it by labelling it the Rooi Gevaar, but little meaningful engagement ensued. As Marxism re-enters the South African political landscape it becomes crucial to debate and evaluate this potent idea. Like most philosophies Marxism attempts to describe reality, but when and where is that description not real?
At Dialoog we like to wrestle with big ideas and as Paul says in 2 Cor. 10:5, attempt to 'Take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ'. Join us as we try to Deconstruct Marxism.

Soul Detox: Anxiety

April 18, 2017

"Fear is caused by an external source, while worry and anxiety is produced from the inside. Worry is fear that has unpacked its bags and signed a long-term lease. Worry never moves out on its own - it has to be evicted." - John Ortberg


Soul Detox: Addiction

March 20, 2017

Internet, Facebook, Work, Alcohol, Pornography, Approval, Shopping, Cell Phones, Series, Food, Coffee, Video Games, Smoking, Chocolate.

Chances are you have some sort of addiction.

If you do not own up to any of the above mentioned then you are either delusional or addicted to perfectionism...


I consume, therefore I am

March 20, 2017

One of the characteristics of South African Christians influenced by the West is our consumer spirituality. "I consume therefore I am" had become the principle of our day, whether we speak of commodities, entertainment or even knowledge. Without realizing it we have paid dearly for it.


Can Technology Save Us? - Johan Erasmus

February 13, 2017

12-02-2017 What are the social, spiritual and economic challenges that come with all the benefits of technology? We explore the tech revolution - its role in our lives and how to engage it as Christians.


In Search of Meaning: What on earth am I here for? - Johan Erasmus

January 30, 2017

15-01-15 Socrates famously remarked that the unexamined life is not worth living. Soon after embarking on such an examination you are bound to be confronted with the question of meaning - what on earth am I here for? What is the significance/reason/purpose of life?

All worldviews have to wrestle with this question and needless to say, derive at different conclusions, but for many Christians the idea of 'a calling' can help solve the riddle.

Before we officially jump into the distractions of 2017, let us first try to wrestle with one of the most asked questions in the world.


Is feeling the new knowing? - Marsh Moyle

November 17, 2016