House of Prayer

November 7, 2017

Huis van Gebed

Die tempel speel 'n baie sentrale rol in die Bybel. Dit was veral bekend as God se huis van gebed. Hierdie preek bespreek die impak van hierdie huis in ons lewens.


Hannah and the Importance of Private Prayer

August 12, 2017

Hannah is a relatively unknown Old Testament figure we encounter in the early chapters of 1 Samuel. Her experience of agony and desperation, however is well known to anyone who's lived long enough in a broken world. It is because of this shared experience and Hannah's approach to it, that us moderns can learn a great deal from this woman.

This talk was given by Johan Erasmus.


“The Shack” - The Problem of Evil

June 7, 2017

"The Shack" - and the Problem of Evil." By Dr. Roedolf Botha

Human suffering still carries some of the deepest and most frequently asked questions today: Is there a benevolent God? Does he really care about us? How can a loving God allow so much human affliction? A few years ago a very controversial book, The Shack, tried to address some of these questions. The book had also recently been translated into a movie. Tonight we are going to explore some of the ideas in it in trying to answer some of life's most fundamental questions.


Soul Detox: Anxiety

April 18, 2017

"Fear is caused by an external source, while worry and anxiety is produced from the inside. Worry is fear that has unpacked its bags and signed a long-term lease. Worry never moves out on its own - it has to be evicted." - John Ortberg


Soul Detox: Dealing with Disappointment

March 20, 2017

Disappointment is inevitable. We have all tried and all failed. We have all experienced failure and setback. Everyone knows the pain of disappointment. Learning to process disappointment is a vital life skill we all need.

This talk is given by Michael Neumann.


Soul Detox: Addiction

March 20, 2017

Internet, Facebook, Work, Alcohol, Pornography, Approval, Shopping, Cell Phones, Series, Food, Coffee, Video Games, Smoking, Chocolate.

Chances are you have some sort of addiction.

If you do not own up to any of the above mentioned then you are either delusional or addicted to perfectionism...


I consume, therefore I am

March 20, 2017

One of the characteristics of South African Christians influenced by the West is our consumer spirituality. "I consume therefore I am" had become the principle of our day, whether we speak of commodities, entertainment or even knowledge. Without realizing it we have paid dearly for it.


Why most of us are pagans - Chris de Beer

February 21, 2017

19-02-2017 If you thought that paganism is something archaic and not applicable to us moderns - think again. To be a pagan implies that you worship a thing and cannot see it as part of the bigger reality. Today we don't have as much sun and river-worshipers as before, but we do have Family, Money, Work, Status, Self and many other.... ‘worshippers’.
The Bible warns us that you need to worship God and Him alone, because you will ultimately become what you worship. Hence you have a choice of becoming 'Work-like', 'Attractive-like', 'Mother-like, or the non-pagan version - Godlike.


Baptism and Covenant - Roedolf Botha

December 13, 2016


Jesus left us two visual images to remember and summarise his work on earth. One image is expressed in bread and wine. The other is immersion in water. But what does it mean? Water is central in understanding the message of Jesus.


Prayer - André van Zyl

December 12, 2016

2016-12-11 The difficult thing that is prayer: some personal reflections